Who Are We ?

The DO Circle

is a non profit think tank and lab dedicated to doers, achievers and achievements. We help to connect enthusiastic business owners and enablers to create tipping points, and grow businesses. We have many critics and talkers, but people who actually do work, is often scarce. We want to celebrate these doers, achievers and achievements, through storytelling.


Successful business owners focus on making things happen.

We want to support genuine business owners.

If You Want To Grow Your Business


We host think tanks to mentor, coach or just providing a sounding board for ideas and debate.


We also facilitate discussions and collaboration amongst individuals and organizations, and garner support from subject matter experts, to tackle issues.


Finally, we host & maintain the discipline of labs, to test and conclude on pilots and experiments, for big ideas & their deployment.

Powered by volunteers, willing to share skills and know how.


• Share your achievements

• Inspire young entrepreneurs

• Connect with us

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"The only way to DO great work is to DO what you love" - Steve Jobs